December 16, 2020

Thank you for supporting us this year!

What a Year!

With Covid causing the World to tilt and wobble, our key focus this year has been to be of service to others, both in our immediate community and nationally.

We have been determined to help where we could financially, lift others emotionally, champion the small businesses around us and just be the best members of the community that we could possibly be.

It is with a great sense of accomplishment that we review the impact we have made on our wider community this year and we thought you may be surprised to know how we have contributed this year.

What was the objective of our community contribution?

As an individual agent, I have always been highly active in the community, both with my time and financial support wherever possible.

Now, as a very small business owner, it has always been a focal point of our business mindset, to ensure that each and every one of us comes from a place of service and gives back generously to the Woodvale community that sustains our business.

Our entire team continually dive into their own pockets and dig deep for all the fundraising challenges we sign up for. Their huge hearts and generosity make supporting our community a joy. As a team, we pride ourselves on giving our time and whatever is needed to help our community.

Covid Crisis

When the impact of Covid first hit home, our initial reaction was that it would crush us, and we would soon be closing the doors. Insert sad face here ☹! Once we had finished having our ‘pity party’, we realised that we were in the perfect position to positively influence our community, both emotionally and economically. We feel we have certainly lightened the load for many in our community this year!

We have a large Facebook audience of over 3,500 and that has been a great place to build a wave of positivity during the most trying of CoVid times.

Small things have made a HUGE difference! A constant stream of (sometimes inappropriate) Covid humour, inspirational posts, fun competitions, and toilet paper giveaways, added a smile to many faces.

We actively supported the local small businesses in every way possible. Our “pay it forward” coffee campaign, at Avoka has been such a delightful win/win.

In the height of lockdown, we regularly paid our local café to select patrons at random and offer them a free coffee on us! It was great for the recipient and the gorgeous Avoka staff loved giving away these random acts of kindness coffees.

This initiative has since been adopted by many members of the National Eview family and we have continued it beyond restrictions.

We have run numerous competitions, often cross marketing with other local businesses, to get the community more involved and the positive feedback has been tremendous. Introducing our customers to other local businesses is something we are all proud to do.

Our main community initiative – Backpack Beds for homeless Aussies

In July 2019, personally, I decided to donate a backpack bed for homeless Aussies, with each sale. This was done through the amazing organisation –

Despite an awful sales year for myself personally, I have managed to donate 56 backpacks at a cost of $6,160. Whilst I didn’t reach my target of 100, I am thrilled to have changed 56 lives.

Our Sellers get a lovely card, letting them know that the donation has been made in their name! The response has been delightful.

Backpacks Donated of 100


Other Initiatives

This year, it has been more important than ever, for people to feel they really matter, are connected and that they make a difference.

We have spearheaded the following fundraisers and have actively encouraged community participation and sponsorship.

The May 50K – Kiss Goodbye to MS

In May of this year we each walked 50km, to raise funds for MS research. We formed a community walking group, the Woodvale Waddlers. All were invited to join us, whenever they could, as we waddled around Woodvale’s Lake Goollelal at 6.30am, several days each week. Social distancing practised, naturally!

We did a fun Facebook Live video each morning, with our Waddlers, and many Woodvale residents let us know how much it lifted their spirits. They had a good laugh at our expense!

Eview Corporate got on board and we did a national Zoom 5k walk together on May 31st, to finish off the campaign.

Together, we raised in excess of $3,000 for MS.


Dry July – Supporting Mummy’s Wish

In July this year, we felt we needed to keep that community spirit going and we (somewhat reluctantly) committed to Dry July. Our chosen charity was Mummy’s Wish, who support Australian Mums battling cancer.

July was the looooooongest month ever, but we battled on and our sobriety efforts raised over $1,400 and, more importantly, highlighted the efforts of this wonderful charity.

Sugar Free Me November – The Starlight Children’s Foundation Australia

We jumped into another challenge in November– raising funds for The Starlight Foundation, by going sugar free in November! Sounds easy, doesn’t it? But that sneak sugary sweetness is in just about everything, so it has meant, in my case, going without wine and coffee too!

Funnily enough, not many of our Team, or the community, wanted to commit to this one. Although, once again, the community support has been phenomenal and we raised over $2,500 for The Starlight Foundation.

Ongoing Community Contributions

We live in the most wonderful suburb. Our schools are instrumental in creating a terrific community mindset and it is our pleasure and privilege to help them as much as we can, both financially and by volunteering our time.

As a result of this involvement, we have formed strong bonds with teachers, parents and children within Woodvale.

North Woodvale Primary School, has introduced so many wonderful initiatives, to support and sustain the children and their parents. We have been privileged to be involved in many of these this year, including:

The Community Hub – This wonderful centre supports the children and their families in so many ways! It is a homely space where kids and parents can meet or enjoy some quiet time or each others’ company. Or take time to meet with the school Chaplin to discuss any worries or problems they are battling.

Busy families sometimes don’t have time for breakfast or lunches are forgotten. The kids know they are always welcome to help themselves. The pantry is kept stocked for hungry bellies and we have loved our shopping trips to the local IGA to keep them full of healthy choices.

The kettle is always on. And often children are busy baking with the phenomenal Chaplin, Di Sanders. It is amazing how much a child will speak when their hands are busy in the kitchen, or how childhood friendship troubles can be mended while baking cookies.

It is a space that focuses on friendship, connection, mental health and wellbeing and one we are so proud to support throughout the year. The well being of our community and children is something we are passionate about.

The Colour Run – This annual event is so much fun to be involved in. Naturally, we sponsor the orange station. Not sure who ends up with more paint on them – the kids, or us! Lots of orange Oompah Loompahs to be found at the end of the day.

This initiative has been adopted this year by Woodvale Primary School, which we have also sponsored. Karl Wright and I loved the chance to get our orange wear on again and see the children having SO much fun!

There has been SO many requests for support and sponsorship from the Community this year and we have helped wherever we could:

  • Woodvale Primary School Parenting Project
  • Woodvale Secondary School’s Soccer Awards
  • Woodvale Village Shopping Centre Launch
  • Salvation Army Christmas Hampers
  • Pink Ribbon High Tea
  • MOvember
  • MITO Foundation
  • Leeuwin Excursion Fundraiser
  • SIDS Foundation
  • Up All Night for Ronald McDonald House

… to name just a few!

We are extremely proud of this, in a year that has been nothing short of challenging for so many. We are constantly being told that we have brightened the days of many in our local community and beyond.

To have picked one initiative would have not done this year justice. By spreading our help amongst the community, we have lifted many of our neighbours, financially and emotionally.

As a group we pride ourselves in giving back generously and this year we have a great sense of accomplishment through the impact we’ve had.

Of course, we could not have done it without our SELLERS!
Thank you for entrusting us with the sale of your homes.
This year we have helped 210 families into and out of homes! And we are still counting …


Dianna Spencer | Deputy Principal North Woodvale Primary School

“Julie’s contribution to the North Woodvale Primary School community has been outstanding. Julie champions inclusivity. She is particularly supportive of children and families who may be at risk or going through hard or difficult times.

Without any need for publicity she quietly goes about asking where she can help.

She has donated vouchers to the school to give to students (who are experiencing difficult times) to buy gifts for their parents and carers at our Mother and Father Day stalls.

She donated money towards the year 6 camp to help payment for those families who were struggling financially.

This ensured that every student had the opportunity to participate in the camp which is the highlight of the year for our year 6 students.

Julie values Health and Well Being of both children and adults.

This was very evident during COVID, when teachers were preparing for online learning. Staff were under immense pressure to produce packages quickly. Julie organised and paid for all staff to go to the local coffee shop and purchase take away coffee. This was greatly appreciated by all staff.

Julie always asks how she can help and what can she do. If we need help, we know we can contact Julie.

She recently offered to help on the Community Busy Bee at the school, by paying for the sausage sizzle.

These are just a few examples of the excellent contribution Julie makes to the North Woodvale Community. We are very fortunate to have Julie as a very strong advocate and supporter of our school and community.”

Kerrie Broun | North Woodvale Primary School Vice President and Julie Ormston & Partners Client Services Manager

“I first met Julie when looking to purchase a home in Woodvale, we loved visiting her opens as she was always so friendly and helpful!

On moving to Woodvale our paths crossed again when my children started at the local primary school and I became involved with the P&C Associa- tion. Julie was well known as a generous and community minded local business owner and on many occasions I knocked on her door asking for financial assistance and support for multiple events. Julie never let us down and became one of the P&C’s biggest supporters, not only financially but with her time:

  • Colour runs
  • Fete bag a bottle stall
  • Mothers & Fathers day stalls
  • Community hub
  • Busy Bees
  • Election day sausage sizzles

Just to name a few! Volunteering with Julie and her team was always filled with fun and laughter. The kids all know them by name and are excited to see them at school events.

A year ago I received a phone call from Julie and happily answered. To my surprise it was to offer me a job! I jumped at the chance!! After 20 years in my previous occupation, to be offered the chance to work for a business that shared my own personal values was a dream come true.

This year I am proud to say I am now part of Team Julie Ormston & Partners. Giving back to a community I live in, work in and love! The never ending fun and satisfaction of being part of a team that digs deep for their community, spreads joy, kindness and a helping hand wherever it can is something very , very special and rare.”

Rebecca M | Woodvale Parent

“Our son, Jacob, had the opportunity to sail on the Leeuwin sailing ship out of Fremantle, Perth WA in the October school holidays, on their youth program and alongside Legacy WA. Julie Ormston kindly gave Jacob a $500 donation towards his trip, which helped with the cost tremendously, and as a family we are truly grateful for her help. Jacob came home from his one week on board sailing with so many stories and came home a different child. Jacob has said he had an amazing time, learnt lots and got to try things that not many other children would have the opportunity to do.”